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Millions of consumers across the UK are affected by bad credit. If your credit file is not too good, you are not alone. Something as simple as a late payment that occurred a while back can reflect over one’s credit score. But one still stays eligible to get a loan. This is even while one’s credit rating is not too high.

While one has a bad credit score, one is not eligible for all types of loans available. This sometimes pertains to conventional financing. Bad credit loans are sometimes limited to short term funding.

Overall, if one has a bad credit score and is looking out for a loan, one should not be disheartened. There may be some lenders who may not be willing to give a loan to such an individual. 

But there’d be others who’d study the applicant’s credit file in detail. They’d pay heed to the applicant’s qualifications and gauge his ability to repay the loan nicely. Such a lender is more likely to sanction a loan for an individual in spite of his bad credit score. 

Hence, it is possible that a borrower gets access to a loan within hours of applying even while he has a bad credit score. This is broadly known as alternate financing. Bad credit loans may be seen as a subset of alternate financing.

Bad credit loans characteristically meet the requirements associated with short term funding. The funds approved are relatively smaller, and the time phase designated for repaying the loans frequently does not span beyond weeks or months. Repayment of bad credit loans involves interest, in the same way as paying mortgages for a car one purchases.

Bad credit loans are typically not meant to meet long term finance requirements. They instead meet the unexpected cash flow gaps.

The generic criteria for getting a bad credit loan in the UK involve being over 18 years of age and showing sufficient means to repay the loan. Similarly, one must have an active current account, and not have any other active loan balances. One should then be an active resident of the UK.

A number of direct lenders make short term loans available in the UK. They provide a small amount available as a loan quicker.

Such an amount comes handy when one requires additional funds all of a sudden. A borrower may use the money for something like getting a car or for home repairs. One can borrow the money one needs quicker.

Such short term loans are now offered online. They are most useful when you need money now UK. The advantage that comes with availing the loans is that the application procedures are simpler. One can apply for the loan using one’s PC, smartphone or tablet. So they’re a fine example of online money borrow UK.

Short term loans bad credit UK

A potential borrower may wonder if he can get a loan if he has a bad credit score. Yes, it is possible to get a loan even if one has a bad credit score.

Getting quick loans bad credit UK is nowadays easier as compared to what it earlier used to be. Bad credit, then, was a prominent factor that made it difficult to have loans sanctioned. 

Traditionally, the credit score has been used as an important metric by money lenders to decide upon the entity, to which they’d give a loan. Having a bad credit score makes one less eligible to receive a loan, as it reflects over one’s ability to repay a loan

An individual’s credit score is nowadays a more organized metric. Earlier, there used to be cases wherein a credit score or a rating was not mutually agreed upon by lenders. The lenders would then define the criteria for rating the application by themselves. These, in turn, made things more complex for a borrower, as they’d be unsure of the lenders who’d be willing to give them small loans bad credit UK.

Terms for an emergency loan for bad credit UK vary from one lender to another. But in general, for bad credit loans, one is not required to put one’s assets at stake. Bad credit loans are by default designed for people who do not have a good credit score. One may not even require a guarantor to vouch for one and get loans for bad credit no guarantor UK.