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Privacy Policy

1. Who we are?

LendShop.co.uk is a registered trading name of Sunrise Money Limited, registered in England and Wales (Company number 11645880). Our registered office is located at 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ. LendShop.co.uk is a credit broker firm regulated and authorized by FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). We entered on the Financial Services Register under reference number: 825959. Licensed by the Information Commissioners Office under registration number ZA503179.

Credit Broking service provided by T dot UK Ltd, their privacy policy and how they use and store data can be found here: https://t.uk/b-privacy/

2. What is the purpose of this privacy policy?

This privacy policy is aimed providing a clarification about our usage of information that we gather from the customers when they use our websites to search for a service or financial commodity. We request our customers to read this policy carefully and understand what kind of information we need from them, what will be the use of that information and how they can update, delete or access their personal information. It must be read in conjunction with our Terms And Conditions

We are not responsible for the usage of information if the customer clicks on a link that redirects them to some other website that does not belong to us. But reading their privacy policy will help them in understanding their nature of work and the use of information. How we use the information of our customers is explained in our privacy policy below:

In our policy, the term “personal information” is referred to the information that will guide us in identifying our customers like their name, residential address and IP address.

3. Our Service

If one of our customers requests us to find a service or product for them, we will use their provided information to deliver them our service. How we provide our services and the methods we use for this purpose are given below:

We control the data of our customers and their personal information that they provide us, and we keep this data in a data center in the UK.

After that, we share this information with our partners or authorized firms that are providing these services, to search for the required services and products.

Our Partners are allowed to control the information that we provide them and they can process this information to search for the desired products or services and if they are able to provide this or not.


An eligibility analysis will be carried out by our partners and they will make a decision about the application, for example, soft research. (Kindly read point 10 to get a better understanding of this and your right).

If our partners are not able to provide the customer with required service or product, then they are allowed to retain the information for a significant period of time (mostly consists of 12 months), this information will provide them help in supporting their regulatory and legal restrictions and their lawful rights like credit analysis, etc. This information will also help them in matching any further subsequent applications of the same customer that he might submit to some other portal. Examination of these activities will help them in saving their time as they will not continue their research if the user has found his desired service through another portal.

We will introduce our customer to one of our partners, in case if we fail to find a successful plan for them. Our partners might provide them with an online monthly subscription service, which will enable them to access several reporting instruments like score and report of their credit or a tool for loan affordability.

If the application is selected by one of our partners, we will either immediately re-direct him to their website or present them a table with comparison of services and products that has the potential to fulfill his demand. If the customer accepts any of these offers, we will redirect him to the website of our partner for the completion of their application.

Then, the customer will have to view the terms and conditions of that website. If the customer decides to proceed his application then he will have to go through a validation and identification check according to the criteria of that website, which will include the procedures of fraud prevention and affordability and credits check etc. Any of the hard researches (including a full credit check) that will be carried out by our trusted partners will be marked on the credit report of the customer and this will be visible to other facilitators and lenders.

In order to check the credibility and eligibility of our customer, we will share client’s information with our suppliers of eligibility checking facilities some member in our team that are responsible for issuance of credit cards (these issuers can also contact the referencing agencies of credit), these firms are known as “our providers”.

The term “pre-screening” refers to a soft search that is carried out by our providers to check the eligibility of customers. This research is carried out to check the overall credit record of customers; this research will have no effect on the ratings of credit. (Kindly viewpoint 10 to get a better understanding of this and your rights in this process).

To check the eligibility of customer, our providers will utilize their scoring techniques, internal databases and their knowledge of eligibility criteria, this process is also referred as eligibility checks.

We will then present him the credit cards according to their eligibility and then we will provide him the opportunity to directly apply with one of our partners. If the customer decides to do this, then we will redirect him to the website of our partner and share his information with them and complete the process of their application.

Our partners will share their terms and conditions for the application of credit card, and if the customer wants to continue with the process of application, then they will perform some validity checks, according to their standards and criteria. Any hard research (or full credit check) that is performed by our partners will be marked on the credit report of customer and it will be visible to the other lenders.

We will analyze the financial status of our customers and share it with our partners to check if their services are sufficient enough to help the customer. If our partner accepts the application then we redirect the customer to their website or the partner can contact them to discuss the best debt solution according to their demands. They will examine the income of customers and check their validation according to their criteria. Any hard research or full credit check that will be carried out by our partners will be marked on the credit report of customers and it will be visible to other lenders and facilitators.

We suggest our customers to read the privacy policies of our partners before submitting their application on their websites. This will help them in understanding the work process of our partners. Our partners utilize the information of our customers in their own ways and we take no responsibility for their actions.

We use the contact information of our customers to stay in touch with them through emails and text messages and inform them about their results, confirmation of application or about similar products. Our customers are free to restrict us from sending them these messages.

4. How we gather the personal information of our customers?

We gather the personal information of our customers in the given ways:

4.1 Information they provide us.

4.2 Information that we collect from our customers.

4.3 Information that we receive and collect from other resources or third parties.

5. What kind of personal information do we gather from our customers?

We gather the given information from our customers to provide them our services.

Identity information: This section contains the name and date of birth of customers.

Contact information: This section contains address, contact number and email address of customers.

Financial information: This area is dependent on the type of financial services that the customer is seeking, this can contain bank account detail, monthly income, debt information, rent payments, costs of childcare etc; this sections also include the amount of loan, purpose and duration of loan, previous loan details, payments date of each loan and they check if the customer owns a debit card.

Employment information: This section is about the employment status, the name of employer, title of jobs and the amount of time that the employer has spent in that organization.

General information: This section is about the status of the homeowner, the relationship status of customers and family members

Marketing and communications information: This section will ask the customer to bout his preferences in receiving the information about market and similar services.

Technical information: This section contains the IP address of the connection, browser details, operating system, and time zone; it will also include the inquiry sources like Google and Face book, and the device that is used by the customers. We gather information about the visits on our websites as well, which include full URL, response time, and errors in downloading, duration of visits on specific pages, interaction information of pages like mouse-over’s, scrolling, etc, and the methods that were used to browse away. We will collect the information about the search engine and the used term if the customer visits our website through one.

Important note: It is the responsibility of customers to provide us complete, authenticated, accurate and reliable information. We will decline the application if the provided information is incomplete, unauthenticated or inaccurate.

6. How do we utilize the personal information of customers?

We gather and utilize the personal information with the permission of law. And normally, we use this information under the given circumstances:

When it is a requirement of our legitimate claims (or the interest of the third party): We process the information of our customers for the lawful interests of our corporation (or our third parties). We use this information during the provision of our service to our customers; we respect the privacy of our customers and do not violate their privacy during the provision of our services. The legitimate concerns behind the processing of personal information are:

We work hard and make efforts to enhance our services for our customers, and personal information of customers helps us in the achievement of this goal.

Soft Opt is like a consent that is received before sending marketing messages to customers through electronic recourses like email and text messages; if the customer has used our website for a special service or product then he will also receive promotional messages of similar services or products. The concept of soft opt-in refers that the customer has given his consent and he want to receive promotional emails and messages from our website. This is beneficial for most of our customers because it will allow us to inform them about similar commodities and services that could be useful for them.

Marketing: We contact our customers when they make a request, communicate with us or under soft opt-in. we do not send unsolicited emails to our customers about our commodities and services.

Third-party marketing: We do not share the personal information of our customers with companies that are not related to us for the purpose of marketing.

Cookies: Browsers allow the users to refuse all or few browser cookies and alert them when a website tries to use or access their cookies. But, customers will lose access to some portions of our website and they will not be able to take benefit from our complete services if they refuse or disable the usage of cookies. To get information about our usage of cookies, kindly view our cookie policy.

Change of purpose: We collect personal information of our customers for a reason, and we use this information for just that purpose unless we really need to use it for some other reason and that reason is associated with the one we originally collected it for.

If we have to use the personal information of our customers for some other purposes that are not related to the original one, we will notify them and explain the legal framework that has allowed us to use the information.

Situations that need us to comply with legal restrictions and obligations: We can share your information without your consent, according to the above-mentioned rules, where the law requires or permits us to share this information.

7. What are the purposes behind the usage of personal information?

We have given a description of our usage of personal information and under what legal obligations are we allowed to use it, below we have to explain these processes in a table format. It is important to note that we can use more than one legal ground for using the information of our customers and it depends on the purpose for which we are utilizing this information. Our customers can contact us if they want to find the details about the legal ground that is allowing us to use the information; we have also explained the situations under which we use more than one legal ground.

Purpose or Activity Data Type Legal grounds for processes including the basis of legitimate concerns

To allow the customers to utilize our services and submit their application to our partners

(a) Identity
(b) Contact
(c) Financial
(d) Employment
(e) General

Essential for our legal concerns ( to perform business activities and improve our services)
To analyze the eligibility of customers for certain commodities and services. For example, if a customer is sending an application for loan, we will allow him to use our eligibility checker instruments to assess the chances of approval of his application
If the customer is enquiring about credit card, we will allow him to check his eligibility by sharing his information with our suppliers of eligibility checker and pre-screening services and with certain members of our panel of firms that are providing financial facilities
If the customer wants help with debts, we will allow him to complete our debt completing questionnaire and share his response with our partners . This test will enable the customers to check the availability of suitable programs for his debt request.

(a) Identity
(b) Contact
(c) Financial
(d) Employment
(e) General

Essential for our legal concerns (To perform business activities and improve and provide our services.
Allows us to communicate with our customers (a) About the enquiry of customer and similar products and facilities for the same customer (unless they have requested us not send any updates) (b) About complains and enquiries of customers (c) To ask the customers for completion of a survey, provide us feedback or reviews

(a) Identity
(b) Contact
(c) Marketing and communications information

(a) Essential for our legal concerns (for our business activities and improve our operations in provision and enhancement of our services and commodities) (b) Essential for compliance with legal matters

Allows us to present relevant advertisements about services and commodities that are similar to the previous products and services that the customers has acquired, we may utilize the personal information of customers to create their profile and analyze their interest. We will either present these adverts directly (unless the customer has asked us to not send him those adverts) or present them on screen in televisions, radio, and digital portals and on social sites. We believe that these tactics will help us in identify the relevant products and services and help us in building the profile of our customers. However, we respect the choice of our customers and they have a right to restrict us from making their profile. Our customers can contact us at our registered office or email.

(a) Identity
(b) Contact
(c) Financial
(d) Marketing and communications information
(e) Technical information

Essential for our legal concerns ( to provide relevant advertisements to our customers through TV, digital advertising networks, radio and social media)

Allows us to enhance our services and share this information with CRA’s to analyze the trends and ideas that will help us in identifying the most suitable products and facilities for our customers and improve our capacity for presenting the relevant advertisements at the required time.

(a) Identity
(b) Contact
(c) Financial
(d) Employment
(e) General
(f) Marketing and Communications

Essential for our legal concerns (to provide relevant products and facilities to our customers and present relevant adverts at the required time)

To deal in relation with our customers which will contain: a) Notifying them about the changes in our conditions and privacy policy b) Asking the customers to provide reviews or take specific surveys

(a) Identity
(b) Contact
(c) Marketing and Communications

(a) Essential to fulfilling the legal requirements (b) Essential for our legal concerns (to maintain updated records and study the usage of our services and commodities in customers)

To manage, enhance and secure our corporation and website (which includes training, test, support, data analysis, reporting of data, troubleshooting and maintenance of system)

(a) Identity
(b) Contact
(c) Technical

(a) Essential for our legal concerns (for managing our corporation, for providing administrative and IT facilities, security of networks, fraud prevention and performance of activities that are important for the reorganization of a corporation) b) Essential for complying with legal restrictions

To utilize data analytics to enhance our site, service and commodities, promotion, relationship with customers and experiences
(a) Identity
(b) Contact
(c) Technical

Essential for legal concerns (to identify different types of consumers for commodities and services, to maintain the updates and relevancy of our website, to grow our corporation and enhance our marketing tactics)

8. What is the duration of keeping the personal information of customers?

We keep the personal information of customers for 6 years; this period starts from the last date the client used our service or requested us to delete it. We do not keep the information of our customers for more than 6 years unless we have to obey the legal orders or we are restricted by the law. Our customers should know that we will keep a backup of their information for legal causes.

9. With whom do we share the personal information of our customers?

We share the information of our customers with the given third parties and sections of that party:

These third parties provide us support in the provision of our services. We need to provide them the personal information of our customers because it allows them to provide their services for the facilitation of customers. We take the responsibility of the security of our customers and make sure that these parties protect the personal information of our customers, as per our instructions, General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (“GDPR”) and UK privacy regulations.

We share the information of our customers with their consent and under the situation where we are permitted by the law, for example, the situations that help us in the prevention and detection of crime, for enforcement of our Terms and Conditions and other contracts.

Lastly, we can also share the information of our customers with third parties that become associated with us in futures and choose to transfer and sell some part of our business. If we change the dynamics of our business or associate with new partners, we will share the information of customers with them by following the same privacy policy.

10. Automated Decision Making

This is a decision where a computer utilizes the information that is provided by the customer to make a decision about him. Even though, we do not take automate decisions about our customers, our partners may take these decisions to assess their eligibility for the services. Our partners may carry out a soft research to assess the application and eligibility of customer.

It is important to note that the purpose behind this soft research is to analyze the capacity of organization in helping the customer and providing him the required service. This research will be marked on the profile of customer but unlike the hard research, this research will not be visible to other lenders and facilitators. Therefore, a soft research does not affect the rating of credits.

Consequently, we provide our customers the right to ask our partners to not make their finals decisions solely on the basis of automated resources. Customers can also object the decisions that are made through automated resources and they can request our partners to review them. Customers can also ask us to inform them about the partner who has made an automated decision. Our customers will have to directly contact our partner to take benefit from this facility.

11. Here is the list of official rights the customer can avail:

Right of objection: Since we are finding the most suitable financial product/services available within our associates by the request of customer, therefore we need to employ the details given by customers which will allow us to serve them with the finest. Regarding the procedure of either profile or direct marketing executed by us, the customer possesses the right to oppose it through writing letter to the customer support manager at CS@LendShop.co.uk. Quick action will be taken by us regarding the objection from customers; however, we will no longer be capable of assisting them for the financial product and service they demand us to find.

Right to have access: The customer can also get access to their private details by first getting verification from us that either if we do have it or not. After confirmation, the customer will be able to access it by writing an email to us or by posting a letter to our office.

Right to rectify: In case, the customer fined any details about him which are not correct, he also has the right to correct it by letting us know. Information will be rectified by our team without any delay.

Right to be forgotten: if at any time, the customer thinks that he does not want us to have his profile and details; he can claim to remove it any time. Our team will do this at the shortest possible time in its capacity. But by getting the information deleted, the customer will lose the opportunity to avail of financial service or commodities that he had demanded. Please note in certain circumstances this may not be possible as we have a regulatory duty to keep records of our clients. If we undertake to erase your information, we will notify third parties that we shared your data with and tell them about your request.

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Right to limit how an organization uses your data: The customer also has the authority to halt our process by employing their individual details at any time or by asking us to do so. But this restriction from the usage of information will also restrict us from fulfilling the requirement of customers for a specific commodity or service.

Right of complaining at the Information Commissioner Office: It is our first priority to solve the complaints of the customer regarding the security of their data but if the customer is not satisfied with our ultimate retort, he possesses the authority to get his issue resolved by complaining at Information confirmation officer. To make a complaint to the ICO please visit https://ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/

“Complaints and contact details of our data protection officer” available in section 14.

12. Do we share the personal information of customers with the European Economic Area?

Since our business associates and negotiation dealers are across the EEA and utilize data controllers foreign to EEA, therefore, we need to transmit the personal details of customers across the UK at times but not often. In certain cases, as we use IT Consulting companies outside the EEA, we might need to share data with them. In such rare scenarios, they ensure us to keep the provided data and details of customers safe and protected, providing the same amount of safety to the private details of customers as we are obligatory to provide here in the UK, and also reassuring us to employ this data for the provision of service. We will be setting up proper safety measures and precautions available in the law of the UK, e.g by utilizing the data-transfer agreement having definite customary sections for the protection of the model.

Protecting data: Pertinent safeguard measures have been set up by our team, in order to avoid any kind of illegal access, unexpected loss, exploitation, deformation or revealing of your data. Moreover, we also assure that the private data and details of customers can only be accessed by the concerned workers, managers, suppliers and negotiators. These people will only be allowed to employ the private data of customers under our command and they focus on the discretion of our client. We also have set up certain measures in order to address an alleged violation of the private information and we will alert not only inform the customer about the infringe but also to the appropriate supervisor where this action will be needed legitimately.

14. Contact details of our data protection officers for complaints:

It is our priority is to ensure our customers that their private data and details are being managed carefully and cautiously. In case, the customer finds out that we are not cautious enough then we allow the customer to get in touch with us right away. The apprehension of the customer will be treated by us acutely in order to solve the mentioned problem.

Please send us an email to our Data Protection officer: CS@LendShop.co.uk

You may also contact us by post:

Sunrise Money Limited

71-75 Shelton Street,


Greater London,

United Kingdom,


15. Customer’s cookies help us improve our site:

We have implemented and use Google Display Network (GDN) Impression Reporting, Demographics and Interest Reporting, Remarketing with Analytics and Segments.

Several services including impression reporting, remarketing with analytics and segments, demographics and interest reporting and Google display network are being carried out by us in order to enhance our website and ads. It also helps us to observe users’ activity of not only seeing the ad but also content inside them. We along with Google and other third parties make use of first and third party’s cookies so that we may assist our customers in showing more appropriate advertisements.

This is the reason that the customer might also spot ads for our company on other websites endorsing our business. For further information about how we use your cookies kindly can visit our cookie policy Although, it is not in our hands to manage ads that the customers might encounter on different sites, they are in charge of avoiding ads by personalizing the Google ad settings whenever they want to. Customers can change settings by clicking on the Google Ads Preferences Manager.

16. Altering privacy policy

Every variation made in our privacy policy later will be posted on this page. Kindly visit our privacy policy regularly so to know about the recent changes and updates. But, if there is a major change made by us that influences the privacy in a way or in case we employ the private data of customers in an illegal way or it is not legit for us to carry on any further, then we will try our best to get in contact with the customers immediately.