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Wedding Loans

Make Your Wedding a Joyous Occasion

While some people get married once, for everyone else it is just a matter of choice. Parents of the groom and the bride look forward to the wedding of their child. Majority of the brides save up for the big day because they want the prettiest flowers, stunning decor and the fanciest venue. For most girls, it is a childhood dream to be marrying at a particular venue. Let’s not forget that the wedding dress costs a bomb!

What if you have not saved enough for the wedding? A happy bride is the prettiest bride, but she needs a good makeup artist, a fantastic attire and the venue/decor/honeymoon/trousseau cost a fortune. You could have a simple wedding, but for those who want to wed in a grand venue could opt for a wedding loan.

Both the bride and groom pitch in the funds for a wedding and the family members could help you too. In UK, a wedding can cost about 30,000 EUR or more. In order to fund the much-awaited day, taking a low-interest loan can be feasible.

Add Another Layer To The Cake

Taking a wedding loan is appropriate because you cannot put all your eggs in one basket. Wedding is not the only event! You may to throw a cocktail party for friends later on. There is a honeymoon to look forward to. If you are thinking of getting married in the coming months, consider taking a loan.

In UK, most of the couples opt for a wedding loan to pay the vendor, venue, bakers, designers, and more. If your budget is tight, you could still go ahead with a private event. However, we feel that your wedding should be a memorable event. Even if there are less people in the event, the venue, decor, background music, wedding attire, cake, and food should be flawless. This is a unique event and it will never come back!

You would also need a photographer and videographer to shoot the wedding event. These days the photographers and videographers charge a whopping amount! But a reputed photographer will be able to capture the event beautifully.

In the wedding event, both the families want to be sharply dressed. Right after the wedding event, the couple likes to explore new places too. If you have saved for your wedding day and it is not enough, borrow an extra amount from a lender.

How To Apply For A Wedding Loan?

You may have heard about loan lenders. On LendShop, you can find lenders as we connect you with them directly. Please understand the terms, interest rate and APR before applying for a loan.

There is flexibility here because borrowers can pay early, get the amount in their bank within a day or two days and it is highly affordable. Getting a loan from a lender is far easier as compared to going to a bank!

Bad Credit? No Worries!

The credit score could affect the decision of borrowing money. If you have a bad credit, consider opting for a short-term loan. You will find many lenders who are ready to lend the money to you. As a responsible adult, you must pay back well in time. Considering we help you meet lenders via our platform, you can discuss the terms with them. They would be happy to give you reasonable time to pay back the loan amount.

If you are planning a wedding, chip in some money from your side and borrow the rest from a lender. Do not borrow the entire amount from a lender! Also, it is ideal to find the cheapest loan. This way you do not have to pay a high fee or interest rate.

Tell us your requirement and we will match it with a suitable lender. How does that sound?

It is up to you whether you accept their offer or turn it down! We know that dream weddings cost a lot, and that’s precisely why wedding loans come into the picture. While it is your personal decision of how much money you wish to spend, most people wish to have a fairytale wedding. If you want your dream wedding to turn into reality, then tell us how much you need and we shall find the best-suited lender for you!