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Money is ON demand. Do you want instant funds into your bank account? While some people want the money for selfish purposes, others have genuine reasons to borrow the amount. If you Need Cash Now, that could be because of some emergency. Let’s get this straight: emergencies are the meanest visitors! They enter your life without an invitation.

LendShop is a trusted company in UK where borrowers meet the lenders directly. Our aim is to make the loan amount available for those who have emergencies. People with bad credit are already undergoing extreme stress. None of the banks out there trust you and are not willing to give you the loan amount.

Trust The Leading Loan Lending Platform Where Lenders Meet Borrowers

If you NEED MONEY NOW and have bad credit, we will not ask you uncomfortable and probing questions.

What to do if you Need Money Now

When you visit our platform, we make the whole process easy for the borrower. Fill the form in less than 30 seconds and then we match you with one of the lenders. Please note that we have an extensive list of lenders.

The lenders understand the borrower’s need. The unpaid grocery and electricity bill, the sudden medical expenses, the recent car damage and loss of a loved one are all instances/circumstances that you cannot shy away from.

When these sudden bills start pouring in, you find yourself giving up. In such circumstances, even your closest ones leave you behind. Why depend on anyone? You can take a loan from one of our lenders and pay all the dues.

Do you Need Cash Now

If you need cash now then Fill our simple form. After you fill the form, it takes less than 15 minutes for our lenders to transfer the money to your account. Additionally, we give you 3 months to 60 months to repay the loan. It all depends on the understanding between you and the lender.

The lenders on our platform are legit. We are excellent financial planners! Our advice is to repay the amount well in time. Not paying the dues is a serious offence. Speak to the lender, get all the details such as interest rate and APR and then opt for the loan.

Once your loan gets approved, it will take 15 minutes to transfer the money. In some cases, it will take some time to process the amount. It depends from bank to bank and the current circumstances of the borrower.

We Lend Because We Care

Imagine a world where nobody cared about your well-being. Banks do a thorough credit check and they would ask questions that put your mind in a depressive mode. On LendShop, you are getting in touch with the lenders directly.

Even if you have a bad credit, the lenders will be happy to provide a short-term loan. Each person whom we help is not just a number for us! We treat your case as a success story. You have come to our platform with one motive and that is to get money – FAST!

Need Cash Now without Paperwork

Too much paperwork can be irksome. The whole idea is to get the money as soon as possible. When you come to us, we save you from the additional paperwork. After all, we are providing service online. You do not have to wait for days or weeks to get the money. You do not have to fill a lengthy form. There is no extra paperwork too.

Fill the form. Get Matched. Get paid. Simple!

Get a Quick Loan now

Leave your worries outside the door. Choosing LendShop is a wise decision as ours is a secure platform.

Worried about the approval of your application form? Considering we have an extensive panel of lenders, you will have no dearth of choices. The acceptance rate is high on our platform. When you come to us, we ensure that you do not leave empty-handed.

Your bank balance is screaming for HELP! We will not ask you multiple questions – WHY WHAT WHERE? Tell us you need the money and we match you with the best lender.

The process is simple. It gets better when there is a guarantor. When you have a guarantor (someone who would repay the amount even if you are not available), the acceptance of the loan application gets high.

If you are desperately in need of money, log on to LENDSHOP.CO.UK

In case you have any queries, reach out to us and we would be happy to help you.

For free and impartial advice on money-related issues, please visit Money Advice Service.