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Hop On The Flight and Travel The Globe With Holiday Loans

Are you planning a long holiday with your beloved? Perhaps your kids are disappointed that you did not take them to Disneyland! Additionally, there are some people who love the idea of traveling solo. Whatever the desire maybe, taking a holiday loan is easy through LendShop. This is the shop you have been looking for! We connect you with lenders in the United Kingdom who are ready to lend them money for your dream holiday.

Why Should You Opt for a Holiday Loan?

A holiday to Switzerland or Hawaii does not cost peanuts. You need to save a lot of money for accommodation, flight tickets, traveling from point A to point B and the food costs. Let’s not forget that we should keep some extra money for emergencies as well.

While it may be tempting to go ahead and ask your friends for some money, but financial matters can ruin great relationships. Instead of putting all the eggs in one basket and spending your life saving on one trip, it is best to do monthly payments to the lender.

You can take as much money as you can afford to return. Speak to the lender directly and get the lowest interest fee. At LendShop,  you are getting the money quickly and at a very affordable rate.

Repaying Without Any Stress

When you take a loan from the bank, the interest rates are not as flexible. Additionally, banks do not give a loan to those with a bad credit. The good news is that LendShop allows you to get in touch with lenders who offer you the money at a lower interest rate.

In case you wish to repay the entire loan amount earlier, there is no repayment fee. Holiday loans are much more affordable when you get in touch with the lenders on our platform! If you are living in UK and want a holiday loan as soon as possible, we can make that happen! It is easier and quicker on our platform.

We match you with the right lenders and not a bank. Please read the sentence loud and clear! Considering you are getting matched with lenders directly and not the bank, the loan will be more affordable.

Why Us?

Why not? We are straightforward and have no hidden agenda. The loans will have a low-interest rate and the application to payout time is hardly 2 days!

Our customer service is top-notch! We ensure that all your queries get answered. Isn’t it frustrating when the customer care service does not reply to your email/phone calls? We do not leave you stranded!

If you wish to settle the loan amount earlier as intended, there is no extra fee to pay. You can pay for us as early as you can! There will be no extra costs here.

Borrowers can get 100 Pounds to 10,000 Pounds in just a few minutes. Isn’t that miraculous? Banks take ages to respond to your application but here we are with a platform that connects you with the lender directly.

All you need to do is fill the application form. It takes a few minutes. Once you fill the form, we will match you with the right lender! When we say ‘you will get the amount in minutes’, we mean that it could take just 15 minutes for the loan approval.

An extensive panel of lenders is waiting for you!

What’s Your Plan?

Quit the stress of lengthy paperwork and plan your holiday. Snowfall in Paris is a wonderful idea for a romantic holiday. Work on the beach body to look fabulous in the swimsuit. You may need it in Hawaii!

Hiding in a cave in Santorini is a great plan too! There are so many places in the world where you can travel. The clear blue waters in the Maldives and the private pool villas in Bali are calling you.

So, plan the holiday, fix a budget and fill the form. You can repay the loan earlier or choose a tenure that suits you the best.

LendShop is a silver lining in the cloud. When you feel that you do not have enough money to travel the world, we enter the scene like a knight in shining armor. Come to us and our lenders will lend you the amount for your dream trip!